Rua do Porto No:6-7 Cidade de Pemba, Provincia de Cabo Delgado
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Our Completed Projects
( Listed in Alphabetical Order )

Afungi Soil Investigation ( all heavy equipment supply)
Afungi Bush clearing ( almost 30ha)
Afungi Road earthwork ( almost 10km)
Afungi Camp fence & erection
Afungi Concrete Plints over then 35,000
BCI in Afungi
BCI Mudumbi
Gabion in Palma
Gabion in Pemba (Muxara)
Hesco Afungi Camp (1649.40LM)
Hesco Palma Base (641.43LM)
Manguna ( total 17 project)
Manguna School
MDP Airport rehabilization
MDP Hospital rehabilization
MDP Municipal Roads & materials
MDP Port filling with Gabions – Sea Port road rehabilization
Mueda Municipal Roads rehabilization
Palma Air strip & materials
Palma Hospital ( total 9 projects) and Fluxo Alumunar
Palma Marine Skidway
Prefabric erection in Palma ( Total 23 projects)
Pioneer camp fence & erection in Palma
Pundaniare Project (total 5 projects)
Ready concrete Over then 27,000m3 (up to 45mpa )
Senga Projects ( total 3 projects)
Qiongua Hospital rehabilization
Quiongua Road rehabilization
Over then 700 Earthworks in Palma
Over then 8880LM concrete wall including erection in Palma & Pemba
177 Fencing projects including erection in Cabo Delgado

Completed Construction Projects