Chain Link Fencing

For the sake of minimizing the transport cost and creating job opportunities for locals in Palma, Mondial Mozambique has established a Galvanized chain link factory in Palma with production, supply and fixing of Galvanized chain link fencing as per below mesh size & wire diameters, and also provide high quality Turkish origin barbed wire, galvanized wire and annealed wire with different diameters as per client’s requests.


* Wire diameters 2mm-2.5mm-3mm (Ready stock in Mondial Industrial Park in Palma)

Mesh Sizes: 40X40 – 45X45 – 50X50 – 55X55 – 60X60 – 65X65 – 70X70 – 75X75 – 80X80 – 85X85

Wire Fence Height: 80cm up to 3.1m

*Please check the available wire diameters before the order.