Mondial Mozambique, LDA; has its own GRANTED SOIL BORROW PIT concession in the area of Palma/ Cabo Delgado. We are currently supplying our client's prestigious construction projects in the area.

The quality of the soil plays a key role in your construction projects. As a result, we identified the characteristics of the soil and in any case, we can determine its ability to support your structure. Our high quality Soil was tested by internationally recognized laboratory to enable you to assess the suitability of the soil, providing you with vital data for informed decision making and planning.

Upon request, we'll provide our soil's chemical and geo-technical properties, enabling you to assure the suitability of the soil and confirm that it can accommodate your construction project. We have our soil tested for strength, density, compaction, contamination, organics and sand content, and accordingly we'll assess their impact on your construction project and determine their suitability to your requirement.

In addition to above, we'll be able to provide you the data you need to compile technical and safety data reports to support planning permissions and construction license applications and to provide precise results and observe the development of the soil throughout your construction project for maximum quality and safety. Location of Borrow Pit Area: On the main road R247, 5 KM from Afungi Junction (total area of 300 ha).

Mondial Mozambique Lda, through out its fleet of plants and Tipper Trucks, shall be able to supply your soil requirement and deliver to your site.

As a leading construction material supplier in the area, we are fully accredited and qualified in supplying your soil needs and delivering it to your site. Accordingly, we are the first choice for civil engineering contractors currently operational in the area.